Lecture Notes

In the following, there are lecture handouts that I have used in teaching an introductory course on Heat and Mass Transfer in Food Processing. These handouts have some missing equations or other text entries. This is done on purpose. During the lecture, students have a printed copy of these handouts and they fill in the missin information while listening to the instructor. I have found this method to be most helpful in engaging students in class discussion since they have to write only limited information and they can pay more attention to the oral discussion. It is still important that they are engaged in writing along with listening and discussing the topic at hand. To involve all three faculties, these handouts have served their purpose well. Many students, at the end of the quarter, remark postitively about the use of these handouts. I hope that you may consider using these when you listen to the video lectures on this website.

Click here to access lecture notes in pdf format