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Heat Transfer in Foods

Heat Content of Foods (14 min)


Conduction heat transfer – Overview (15 min)

Convection heat transfer - Overview (10 min)

Radiation heat transfer - Overview (5 min)

Thermal Conductivity (6 min)

Thermal Conductivity  - estimation (5 min)

Steady State Heat Transfer:

Steady State Conduction in Rectangular Coordinates (11 min)

Steady State Conduction in Cylindrical Coordinates (11 min)

Steady State Conduction in multilayer rectangular wall (6 min)

Steady State Conduction in Multilayer cylindrical wall (5 min)

Convective boundary layers (6 min)

Rate of Convective heat transfer – dimensionless numbers (11 min)

Resistance due to Convective heat transfer (2 min)

Forced Convection (11 min)

Free Convection (6 min)

Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient (9 min)

Heat exchangers – introduction (5 min)

Heat Exchangers – Rate of heat transfer(14 min)

Log Mean Temperature Difference - Examples (13 min)

Unsteady State (Transient) Heat Transfer

Basic Concepts (9 min)

Biot Number (7 min)

Negligible Internal Resistance to Heat Transfer (11 min)

Finite Internal and External Resistance to heat transfer (9 min)

How to use Heisler Charts (4 min)

Heat transfer in finite shaped objects (5 min)