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Virtual Experiments - Instructions

Virtual experiments allow you to conduct experiments using a computer or a mobile device. These experiments may be used as stand alone or they may augment hands-on laboratory experience.

Select a virtual experiment from the list of experimentsand a new window will open in your browser where you may conduct the selected experiment by changing input parameters.

Instructions for saving data on a spreadsheet for further analysis

To export results data from the virtual lab:

  1. Click the "Export Data" button on the "Virtual Experiment" webpage. A text file with a name "Download" will be created, and downloaded to your browser
  2. Save the file, according to following the step, depending upon your browser
  1. If using Microsoft Edge, a file called "Download " will be downloaded. Save the file and rename it by adding ".csv" extension .
  2. If using Firefox, a new webpage will show up. Choose "Text Files" in the "Save as type" dropdown list, and save the webpage as a ".csv" file (.csv suffix is okay here).
  3. If using Safari, a new window will pop up. Save the webpage as a ".csv" file.

To import data into Excel:

  • Locate the downloaded text file, and add a ".csv" extension to the file name if it's not already there.
  • Open the csv file using Excel directly.
  • This data transfer feature is not available if you conduct virtual experiments using an iPad or iPhone. Please allow sufficient time (around 10-20 s) when you use mobile devices to view the resulting plots.