Problems for What-If analysis from Introduction to Food Engineering

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Problems Listed by Name

Mass Transfer
Evaporation of water (Example 10.1)
Rate of water evaporation (Example 10.2)
Mass transfer coefficient (Example 10.4)
Permeability coefficient (Example 10.9)

Membrane Separation
Osmotic pressure of juice (Example 11.1)
Osmotic pressure (Example 11.2)
ultrafiltration (Example 11.3)
Milk concentration (Example 11.5)

Water activity (Example 12.1)
Critical Moisture content (Example 12.2)
Falling rate period (Example 12.6)
Drying of coffee (Example 12.8)

Some Additional Problems
Predicting Density of Foods
Predicting Specific Heat of Foods
Predicting Thermal Conductivity of Foods
Predicting Thermal Diffusivity of Foods