Problems for What-If analysis from Introduction to Food Engineering

The following provides a listing of example problems from Introduction to Food Engineering (5th Edition). The examples are presented in a manner that allows what-if analysis. Instructors and students are encouraged to use these spreadsheet type solutions to investigate the influence of various design and operating parameters for each problem. It is expected that through such analysis, a clearer understanding of the respective problems may be attained. (I will very much appreciate receiving any corrections, please email


Problems Listed by Name

Fluid Flow in Food Processing
Viscosity (Example 2.1)
Average Flow rate (Example 2.3)
Time to fill a tank (Example 2.4)
Laminar flow (Example 2.5)
Entrance Region (Example 2.6)
Velocity in a pipe (Example 2.7)
Discharge velocity (Example 2.9)
Siphon (Example 2.10)
Pump power (Example 2.11)
Centrifugal Pump power (Example 2.13)
NPSH (Example 2.14)
Pump performance (Example 2.16)
Velocity in a pipe (Example 2.17)
Manometer (Example 2.18)
Viscosity of honey (Example 2.19)
Liquid viscosity (Example 2.20)
Non-newtonian properties (Example 2.23)
Non-Newtonian fluids (Example 2.24)

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