Problems for What-If analysis from Introduction to Food Engineering

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Problems Listed by Name

Fluid Flow in Food Processing
Viscosity (Example 2.1)
Average Flow rate (Example 2.3)
Time to fill a tank (Example 2.4)
Laminar flow (Example 2.5)
Entrance Region (Example 2.6)
Velocity in a pipe (Example 2.7)
Discharge velocity (Example 2.9)
Siphon (Example 2.10)
Pump power (Example 2.11)
Centrifugal Pump power (Example 2.13)
NPSH (Example 2.14)
Pump performance (Example 2.16)
Velocity in a pipe (Example 2.17)
Manometer (Example 2.18)
Viscosity of honey (Example 2.19)
Liquid viscosity (Example 2.20)
Non-newtonian properties (Example 2.23)
Non-Newtonian fluids (Example 2.24)

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