Problems for What-If analysis from Introduction to Food Engineering

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Problems Listed by Name

Heat Transfer
Thermal resistance (Example 4.7)
Wall insulation (Example 4.8)
Interfacial temperature (Example 4.9)
Insulation conductivity (Example 4.10)
Convective coefficient (Example 4.11)
Convective heat transfer (Example 4.12)
Convective heat transfer (Example 4.15)
Overall heat transfer (Example 4.16)
Heat exchangers (Example 4.18)
Radiative heat transfer (Example 4.21)
Transient heat transfer (Example 4.22)
Temperature in apple (Example 4.24)
Temperature at center (Example 4.25)
Estimate center temp (Example 4.28)
Microwave heating (Example 4.29)

More Problems......