Goal: When you have finished this laboratory exercise you will understand

  • steam properties used in the design of food processing and storage systems.

and you will learn

  • how to use the steam table find and calculate the quality of steam.

Input Parameters
Parameter Combination
Temperature T (°C)
Pressure P (MPa)
Enthalpy h (kJ/kg)
Entropy s (kJ/kg-K)
Property Name Value Unit
Temperature °C
Pressure P MPa
Specific Volume ν m3/kg
Enthalpy h J/kg
Entropy s J/kg-K
Specific Isobaric Heat Capacity Cp kJ/kg-K
Specific Isochoric Heat Capacity Cv kJ/kg-K
Speed of Sound m/s


Units of the parameters used in the Psychrometric Chart are metric (SI).

Range of Validity

  • Temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C.
  • Total Pressure: 0.6 bar ~ 1.01325 bar.
  • where

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