Pressure Enthalpy Chart (Ideal Case)

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Disclaimer : This work is a guide providing general information concerning the subject matter; it is not a procedure manual or complete detailed description of the equipment. The users should consult current procedural manuals for state-of-the-art instructions and applicable government safety regulations for any of the equipment shown. The author does not accept responsibility for any misuse of the figures provided in this website, including their use as a procedural manual or as a source of specific insturctions.


Flexible System Boundary

Fluid Flow
Pipelines in Milk Pasteurization
Fluid flow in layers (Deck of cards analogy)
Movement of a steel block
Fluid layer between two plates
Reynolds experiment
Moody Diagram
Centrifugal pump
Pitot tube
Orifice Plate
Velocity Ratio for Non-Newtonian Fluids (Chart)

Heat Transfer
Conduction in a wall
Conduction in a pipe
Conduction in a multilayered wall
Conduction in a multilayered pipe
natural convection
forced convection

Heat Exchangers
Plate heat exchanger
Five stage plate pasteurizer
Heat regeneration in juice processing
tubular heat exchanger
triple-tube heat exchanger
scraped-surface heat exchanger
Shell and Tube heat exchanger
steam infusion heat exchanger

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