Mass transfer - gas diffusion

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Single-effect evaporator
Multi-effect evaporator
pan evaporator
natural-circulation evaporator
rising film evaporator
falling film evaporator
rising-falling evporator
forced circulation evaporator

Psychrometric Chart
Example1 (Psychrometric Chart) (given dbt, wbt)
Example2 (Psychrometric Chart) (given dbt, rh)
Example3 (Psychrometric Chart) (given wbt, rh)
Example 4 (Psychrometic Chart) (given dbt and hum ratio)
Heating of air
Mixing of air
Mixing of air (example)
Adiabatic Saturation of air
Adiabatic Saturation of air (example)

Mass Transfer
Diffusion of gases
Unsteady State Mass Transfer Chart
Mass transfer through a Polymeric film

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