Flexible System Boundary


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Flexible System Boundary

Fluid Flow
Pipelines in Milk Pasteurization
Fluid flow in layers (Deck of cards analogy)
Movement of a steel block
Fluid layer between two plates
Reynolds experiment
Moody Diagram
Centrifugal pump
Pitot tube
Orifice Plate
Velocity Ratio for Non-Newtonian Fluids (Chart)

Heat Transfer
Conduction in a wall
Conduction in a pipe
Conduction in a multilayered wall
Conduction in a multilayered pipe
natural convection
forced convection

Heat Exchangers
Plate heat exchanger
Five stage plate pasteurizer
Heat regeneration in juice processing
tubular heat exchanger
triple-tube heat exchanger
scraped-surface heat exchanger
Shell and Tube heat exchanger
steam infusion heat exchanger

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