Food Process Animations

This page contains links to animations of figures published in Introduction to Food Engineering, 5th edition. The purpose of these animations is to enhance understanding of engineering concepts given in the text. To view these animations, the user must have a Flash player installed in the browser. The player is available free of charge from Adobe. All animations are copyrighted. Please refer to important disclaimer at the bottom of this page prior to viewing these figures.

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Disclaimer : This work is a guide providing general information concerning the subject matter; it is not a procedure manual or complete detailed description of the equipment. The users should consult current procedural manuals for state-of-the-art instructions and applicable government safety regulations for any of the equipment shown. The author does not accept responsibility for any misuse of the figures provided in this website, including their use as a procedural manual or as a source of specific insturctions.


Single-effect evaporator
Multi-effect evaporator
pan evaporator
natural-circulation evaporator
rising film evaporator
falling film evaporator
rising-falling evporator
forced circulation evaporator

Psychrometric Chart
Example1 (Psychrometric Chart) (given dbt, wbt)
Example2 (Psychrometric Chart) (given dbt, rh)
Example3 (Psychrometric Chart) (given wbt, rh)
Example 4 (Psychrometic Chart) (given dbt and hum ratio)
Heating of air
Mixing of air
Mixing of air (example)
Adiabatic Saturation of air
Adiabatic Saturation of air (example)

Mass Transfer
Diffusion of gases
Unsteady State Mass Transfer Chart
Mass transfer through a Polymeric film

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